Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mumma In Heels

Mister and Me

Pacman (also known as Preston) - Note his gorgeous, long eyelashes.

Some of you may remember me as The Girl in Red Heels, a blog which mostly indulged in celebrity gossip and pop culture knowledge. After finishing up my blog for 2010, I not long after discovered I was pregnant. Considering I already have a toddler and am also a uni student, I felt it was time to wave goodbye to my blogging days (but of course, not the heels) and in turn, my Twitter days as well.

True to the Twitter junkie I am, I couldn't stay away. Three weeks ago, I made a new Twitter account. Being back on Twitter, I felt the urge to blog again and then today when a parcel of beauty products landed on my door, I once again wished for a blog that I could share some reviews with. It was then, that Twitter peer pressure (which I am so grateful for, thanks dolls), led me to create a new blogging account and now here I am writing this first post.

So, what can you expect from Mumma In Heels?
- Celebrity fashion (not gossip*)
- Reviews - which will include beauty products to baby products and everything in between.
- Beauty Products which are mostly budget friendly
- A few cute snaps of Pacman
- The occasional 'mummy blog' post, which may or may not feature a photo of my growing belly.
- Following on from The Girl in Red Heels, lot's of Link Love and sharing of my favourite blogs.
- Once Bubble (Pacman's future sibling) has arrived and the sleep deprivation sets in, expect many 'Wordless Wednesdays' on any day I see fit.

Until my first proper post, 
Take Care Dolls,
The Mumma In Heels. Xo

* Due to my lack of time and therefore not being to blog everyday, I'll be saying goodbye to celebrity gossip for now


  1. YAY! Welcome back to blogging land :) Looking forward to reading your posts!

    Btw baby Pacman is soooo cute!

  2. Thanks for my first comment lovely!
    I'm very happy to be back - already scheduled my first (well, second) post :)


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