Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Favourite Non-Beauty Beauty Product

eaEvery now and then, I come across a non-beauty product that makes a perfect beauty product.
For example, Bepanthen (a nappy rash cream) does wonders for pimples. Apply some directly to a spot or blemish and it's usually gone the next day.

My favourite non-beauty beauty product though, would have to be Olive Oil. Yes, just plain ol' olive oil that you buy from the supermarket.

You're probably all thinking I'm crazy at this point, but seriously, it's amazing.
Here's some things that I've found it to be most useful for -

- Dry scalp? Massage Olive Oil into it before bed. Wash hair the following morning - dry scalp gone.

- Pacman had cradle cap when he was born and also gets the occasional heat rash (which he scratches/rubs and it turns into a bigger rash). Olive oil worked to fix both of them better than any other baby cream, oil or ointment I've tried.

- Stretchmarks. My mother in law swears by it. She has three boys. That's three pregnancies of using Olive Oil, not a single stretch mark. I happened to get one lonely little stretchmark when pregnant with Pacman, kept applying Olive Oil and it's gone.

- Dry cuticles? Massage your hands with Olive Oil (or alternatively, Almond Oil) once or twice a week and say hello to the best conditioned cuticles you have ever had.

It's just olive oil, so no nasties which is great and let's face it - it's not going to break the budget anytime soon is it?

So, what is your favourite non-beauty beauty product?
The Mumma In Heels.Xo


  1. I love bepanthen too haha, and olive oil and grapeseed oil and avocado oil basically I could clear out the supermarket oil isle for skincare purposes haha :D

  2. I love olive oil (for things other than cooking!). I've started to use it to remove my makeup after hearing that it's great for skin. Feels nice and does the job!

  3. I agree. I used olive oil for everything you've listed here as well! haha!
    Sometimes paying out of your arse for fancy products is all a marketing gimmick.
    Love the olive oil.

  4. Wow, will have to try this Melinda! Sounds perfect if it works for all those things you've said!!

  5. I also use olive oil or baby oil to remove makeup, especially eye makeup & it works really well. It's so much cheaper than makeup remover! Great post

  6. Great post! Will definitely try it out!


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