Tuesday, 15 March 2011

An Owl Obsession

I've given up clothes shopping for the moment and my addiction has turned to spending hours browsing nursery furniture and decor. It's hard not to get carried away - everything is just so adorable! 
But I've developed a bit of an obsession for owls, I have no idea why but all the owl baby things are just so sweet!

Here's some things on my wish list -

$69 from MetroMum.com.au

$138 from RosenberryRooms.com

 BabyBedding.com.au (Price not stated)

 $28.50 from this Etsy store

How adorable is that last photo?

Now, I must take a moment to say that we are not having a girl (well, we could be - we don't know yet), and yes I know everything I have picked out is very pink and girly - I suppose that's a bit of wishful thinking on my part.

If we do indeed have another boy though, I'll be stuck. Any of you lovely dolls have some nursery theme ideas?

Mumma In Heels.Xo


  1. How cute! The owls are so adorable.

    My obsession is butterflies - love them.

  2. i love owls too that owl bonnet is just devine :)

  3. I <3 the owls :)

    Bratchild had nautical theme.
    All red, White and blue with sail boats and boat things

  4. I'm owl-obsessed too! So far I have a mousepad, keyring, necklace, bangles and an owl beanie in my collection. Adorable baby-theme.

  5. Wow, LOVE that last one of the baby!! So cute! Totally tempted to just buy it now- even with no baby on the way or anything! :-D


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