Monday, 28 March 2011

Pacmans Puzzle

How adorable is this puzzle?
It was given to Pacman on his first birthday from the darling Ms L
For a while, the letters lived blu-tacked on his bedroom door (which looked quite cute).
And now, I sit with him and we do the puzzle everyday. I read each letter out to him and he has come to think that O, O, O, R, P, O is spelling his time - at 19 months, you gotta give him some credit for trying!

This is probably the most useful and unique gift he got for his first birthday. In fact, apart from the things we bought him and the bike that came from my parents, I can hardly remember what else he got.
Everyone who has seen this has commented on how great it is and it has become my automatic present every time a first birthday arrives.

You can buy the puzzles on (no, not a typo, that is three o's) along with tons of amazing things.
They start at $26.95, so pretty inexpensive and they'll last a life time - if you can't see from the photo, our puppy has had a good chew of the 'e' but it's still in perfect working form.

What's the best present someone has given you or your kids?

Happy Monday,
The Mumma In Heels.Xo

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  1. What I brilliant idea! I'm going to buy one for Chael. I've been wanting something to put on his door and this will be perfect.


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