Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What's in a nickname?

What's in a nickname?

The trusty urban dictionary defines a nickname as - a term of familiarity between a person or a thing/another person.

When I was about 12, I became a bit obsessed with nicknames. I desperately wanted one. Some of the ones tried and tested (some of which I made up myself and others were suggested by friends or family) were: Bubbles, Rosie, Shortie, Smiley and my mother did call me 'Flossy' for a while. All of which were very short lived. I suppose sometimes nicknames come about and stick, and for whatever reason, none of mine did - thankfully. It wasn't the first time I'd tried out different names, I did go through a phase when I was five and refused to answer to any other name except Princess Jasmine. True (and embarrassing) story.

As most of you know, I often refer to my toddler as Pacman. It's a nickname that came about when he was born and it's stuck. Where did it come from? It's a simple story, his full name is Preston Allen Cooper. His initials? PAC. Pacman. Cute, huh?

So dolls, have a nickname? Had a nickname? Share it with me! And let me know how it came about.

Happy Wednesday,
The Mumma in Heels. Xo


  1. Pacman - how cute!
    My name is Vanessa, but instead of the usual Ness, Nessy or Nessa (none of which I like, by the way!) My Mum came up with Vaness. Pronouced the same, but without the "a" on the end. To her, she thought it sounded endearing.So now, I'm Vaness amongst close family! xx

  2. I'm poss - as in possum
    Pretty much from birth, it's a pretty common nickname but I still get called Poss
    In fact, it's strange to be called anything else by my family
    Except my Nonna, I am her "presh" as in precious.

    With a name like Alexandra you get shortened to everything
    I go by Lexi, sometimes Ally, but I HATE Alex.

  3. Thats so cute.
    Bella is short for Isabella, but we usually call her Baby.

  4. My name's Talia (Ta-LEE-a), and that was a bit too difficult for my little brothers to say when I was a kid, so T-a (or Tia) became my nickname. Unfortunately, annoying people started calling me that, and so it's really a nickname I hate now. Fortunately only those annoying people call me it, so it's not a problem...!!

    Now I go by "T" though. This was my husband's doing- I really can't remember how it came about! Makes it very simple to sign off emails, text messages, comments etc. though!!


  5. Victoria - I love Bella, I think it's so adorable. Except that it does remind me of Twilight (which I hate).

    Talia - we have Talia on our name list if we have a girl :)


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