Friday, 8 April 2011

Emma Stone Goes Blonde

While drinking my morning coffee and browsing Primped, I stumbled across this picture.

For those of you who aren't sure, the photo is actress Emma Stone. She's been in some of my favourite movies of lately (House Bunny, Superbad, Easy A), and I was so sad to see, she had ditched her red locks!

I must say I am not loving this new look at all. 

What do you think lovelies?
Enjoy your weekend, 
The Mumma In Heels.Xo


  1. The freaky thing is that she is actually a natural blond, the red-head look is dye! I prefer her red-headed for sure though.

  2. Ew definitely not liking the blonde, much prefer her with the red hair.

  3. That dark, rich red she had before was so much more stunning. Poo.

  4. She dyed it blonde because she's playing Gwen Stacy in the Spiderman movie reboot. Gwen is a blonde hence the hair colour change.

    So don't freak out, I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that she's a much better as a red head and she'll go back to that as soon as filming is over. <3

  5. I never knew she was a natural blonde. Like Nicole Kidman. I agree she looks far better red. If you can pull off that colour, you should!!


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