Thursday, 14 April 2011

Happy Toddler, Happy Mumma

About a month ago, Pacman decided he wanted to take water to bed instead of milk.
I felt like I'd won a parenting lottery - I had been meaning to make the swap from milk to water for a few months, and now he had decided he was ready all on his own!
My excitement faded when I realised that not only did he not want milk before bed, he did not want milk at all.

Calcium is a pretty important (that's the scientific way of putting it) part of a kids diet, so I put on my MTC (Mumma Thinking Cap) and came up with a wonderful idea of making him smoothies! Not only would it add an extra serve of dairy, but also an extra serve (or two) of fruit! This was definitely one of my GMI (Good Mumma Ideas).

Todays Smoothie - Kiwi and Lime

Recipe -
Splash of Milk
Tablespoon of Yoghurt
Half a Kiwi Fruit (with skin)*
Squirt of Lime*

Put into a food processor.
Pour in cup
And Enjoy

He honestly loves his smoothies.
And isn't that just the cutest little face you have ever seen?

Laughing at the camera flash

Seriously, how easy is that? It literally takes me two minutes to make and the food processor takes a few seconds to wash up.

Now that recipe is a toddler sized one, by all means double it and make an adult sized smoothie for yourself!

*Other fruity variations (which have all been approved by Pacman) include: Lemon and Mango, Banana and Blueberry and Strawberry and Blueberry.

Now enough blog reading, don't you want to go make yourself (or your toddler) a delicious smoothie to start the day?
Take Care,
The Mumma In Heels.Xo


  1. Mmmmm I love breakfast smoothies, I just hate trying to clean the blender before work!
    Pacman is so cute with his smoothie mustache :P

  2. He is so precious! Smoothies are a great idea, another thing I'll be remembering for when Chael is older.

  3. aww what a lil cutie pie *squeeeeee* :D

  4. hahaha OMG Pacman is the cutest! Look at his little face!

  5. That's adorable :) I haven't made a smoothie in years, so I think I might use yours as inspiration.

  6. Such a gorgeous child :) Love your blog!

  7. Your son is just gorgeous!

    Love your blog :) http://sarah-blinkandyoullmissit xxx

  8. Um I've just died- he's stolen my heart! I'M COMING TO STEAL HIM! ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!

  9. So gorgeous! Love the smoothie recipe - will be giving it a go soon! x


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