Thursday, 28 April 2011

How To: Survive A Flight With A Toddler

My Little Frequent Flyer

Today is not just the day of the big scan, but I'm also flying out to Newcastle - with Pacman of course!
You see, Mister is in the Army and is leaving me us for four long months. With no family nearby, we're off to Newcastle for a few months because I don't really like being alone (I'm a sook, yes).

Travelling with a toddler, can be.. interesting. Mumma needs to be on top of her game and very organised for the flight. Here's my top five tips for flying with a toddler in tow.

1. Pack snacks - this is essential, especially for Pacman (food is the only thing that keeps him quiet). Favourites include - Natural Confectionary Lolly Snakes (the only time he is allowed these), Rice Crackers and Chicken Crimpys (again, this is the only time he's allowed these too).

2. Pack a Drink - For Pacman, he only ever gets milk or water. But on a plane ride, I'm not opposed to flavoured milk if it means keeping him quiet for the flight. Not only is a drink a good distraction, but in a bottle or sippy cup, the sucking can help stop little ears from blocking (and hurting) during take off and landing.

3. Books. They do provide some entertainment, but once a toddler gets cranky they tend to get thrown. In flight, a magazine provides much more entertainment (and quiet time) for Pacman as he can read it and then rip it.

4. When snacks, a drink and books/magazines fail, sing. Yes you might sound like a cat dying, but anything is better than a screaming toddler tantrum. Our favourites include: Heads and Shouldlers (knees and toes), Itsy Bitsy Spider and Rock a Bye a Bear. Basically, songs with actions are great - it's amusing watching mum do the actions and it means toddlers (and even surrounding passengers) can join in.

5. Coffee. This is for mum, to be consumed before the flight. You'll need all the energy you can get, despite the fact that you'll just be sitting down the whole time. Trust me - it's exhausting.

He likes to wave at the planes

Anyway, this Mumma better stop typing or she'll miss her flight*

Will update you all on the scan news via Twitter, Happy Thursday!
The Mumma In Heels. Xo

*I'm kidding of course, this is a scheduled post


  1. I unfortunately do alot of flying with my 2. They are 4 and 2 at the moment and we have been doing these trips since 2 year old was born
    We fly to Sydney from Melbourne once a month then back and to London and back every 6 months
    So I totally feel your pain our best thing for keeping the kids happy and occupied are the magic coloring books they sell at the airport newsagent
    One pen that when you scribble over the books colors in all the colours perfectly between the lines for you.
    They give me atleast 2 hours of non crazy children on a plane
    Good luck and great blog !!

  2. Pacman looks like the cutest and cheekiest little thing! haha

  3. Pacman is just adoreable- waving to the planes! AWWW!
    Love this post- I think I should use these tactics with my man who is basically a child! HAHA!


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