Wednesday, 6 April 2011

No Spending for this Mumma

And yes, I really do have a Cowboys piggy bank.

Some of those that follow me on Twitter, might have seen my tweet yesterday about putting myself on a shopping ban. 

Basically, the rules are simple:
Rule One - No unnecessary spending for four weeks (yes, I did start with six weeks but that's way too long), meaning the shopping ban ends on May 4th.

Rule Two - Unnecessary spending does not include groceries, petrol, bills, magazines, coffee, clothes to fit my growing bump, Winter clothes for Pacman, new slippers, new pyjamas or new baby clothes (upon finding out the gender).

Rule Three -  Unnecessary spending does include nail polishes, lip balm, all other makeup, fake tan, body butter, new shoes, post pregnancy clothing, dvds and anything else that doesn't come under Rule Two.

Rule Four (and the most important yet exciting rule) - providing I do not break rules one, two and three, I'll be rewarding myself at the end of the four weeks with an iPad 2.

So how about it, any takers to join me on four weeks of no spending?
Happy Wednesday,
The Mumma In Heels.Xo


  1. lol. I have the same ban on myself, but I need jeans I need 2. just in case one falls apart.

  2. Good luck! Sounds like a great plan, and a very nice reward at the end-up.

    xx emmabovary

  3. OOoh... I'd like to think about it... and I'd like the iPAd2 at the end.

    Hmm... I'll think about it. x

  4. Oh Man, I want to, but can I do one more big online shopping trip first?

  5. Couldn't think of a better reward than an Ipad 2!
    I'll join you as I am already on a spending ban at the moment, have been doing quite well to my surprise!

  6. Great plan, I'll join in after Friday (I need one last hoorah!!!) :D

  7. I am on a similar challenge...and its not easy :-(

  8. I could do all of that other than no lip balm. I blame my lack of ability not to buy lip balms solely on Leah from A2LB, she keeps on getting in products that I have to buy :)

    So if I can still buy lip balms, I'll join you.

  9. Anyone joining in is welcome to set their own rules (so yours can include lip balm GlossQueen!) and of course, decide on a prize to reward themself at the end!


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