Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Picture Polish: Tiffany

Firstly, let's all clap our hands for this Mumma - I've made it a whole week without a single purchase. Only another three weeks to go! Missed my spending ban post? Read about it here.

Secondly, because I'm a clever Mumma, I did make a few last minute purchases before my spending ban started and one of those was a few Picture Polish polishes including this gorgeous shade - Tiffany.

Diamonds with breakfast? Yes Please!

This was an extremely hard polish to photograph. She just refused to work with the camera! 
But seriously. It looked blue in some lights, green in others. So excuse the slightly out of focused photos - they were the only ones even close to showing the true colour.

I warned you they were out of focus!

It's a gorgeous colour. Not unlike a beautiful blue box from Tiffany & Co (although definitely not an exact match).
The formula was a little tricky to work with, I had to use three coats to ensure no streaky-ness. And then, I might of been a little heavy handed with the amount of polish as I managed to dent one nail (or two) about half hour or so after painting.

But for a pretty polish, I can do three coats and be a bit more careful with my nails until properly dry.
For the record, the other Picture Polish polish I used was much easier to work with, so I'd say the formula varies for each one.

You can order them from the Picture Polish website here for just $9.95 each and they also post internationally. They have a gorgeous range of colours and I found their customer service to be quite helpful too.

Have you tried Picture Polish before?
The Mumma In Heels. Xo


  1. Oooh pretty, I love all these green/blue shades, think they're my fave colour to wear on my nails :D

  2. Awesome color!!! Xoxo

    Rocio R.

  3. Now everybody has their own blue nail polish :) Love yours!
    Marusya V
    P.s. If interested - here is my version of the ligh blue nails :)

  4. Another stunning nail polish I need to buy. *sigh*

  5. So so pretty...need to give this one a crack.


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