Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Queen Bee Review - Milk Dress

Being pregnant has its ups and downs. 
Ups - Knowing that you're adding a new member to your family and feeling the baby kick (to name just two)
Downs - Morning sickness and Back pain.

Maternity clothes used to come under the 'downs' of pregnancy for me. 

With Pacman, I was lucky enough to have a small belly so I avoided maternity clothes and just stuck to tights, loose tops and maxi dresses. But that was before I discovered how pretty and wearable maternity fashion can be. 

When Queen Bee contacted me about reviewing a product, I naturally checked out their website. I was very impressed. Their maternity and nursing clothes were nothing short of fabulous and they stock some of the cutest nappy bags I've ever seen.

Honestly, how cute is this!

I was sent this Milk dress which can be worn for both pregnancy and nursing.

16 weeks*

The things I love about it:
- How wearable it was. In Summer, you can pair with heels or flats and in Winter you could add tights, boots and a jacket.

- The length. The dress just touches the top of my knees, which means that even once my bump is quite big, the dress still won't be too short.

- The colour! It's such a pretty purple.

The things I don't love about it:
- The only downside for me was the dress is quite loose at the top, I assume this extra room added for nursing mums. It is easily fixed, I've simply just added a singlet top underneath and it fits much better.

My Attempt at Being Cute

You can check out the Milk Nursingwear dress, aswell as the other nursing wear stocked by Queen Bee. And just incase any of my darling readers (or friends) would like to send me the nappy bag I've been dreaming of, you'll find it here.

What's your maternity essentials?
The Mumma In Heels. Xo

*I do take a moment to apologise for my badly taken (on my phone) photos. Over the weekend I had taken some on my camera (when I was actually wearing makeup) yet it seems my computer hates me camera today and refuses to acknowledge its existence.

This product was sent for me to review by Queen Bee.


  1. Awww. You look beautiful.

    I had to have a bunch of singlets, stretchy clothes, comfortable shoes and big undies! x

  2. You look lovely! I love Queen Bee. Nothing like some gorgeous maternity clothes to make you feel glam again :)

  3. You look gorgeous! It's such a pretty dress.

  4. awww you look so cute *.* love the dress :) thanks for following and leaving such a nice comment on my blog i followed you back :)


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