Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rio Premiere: Anne Hathaway

Oh my gosh, what was she (or her stylish) thinking?

Anne Hathaway attended the Hollywood premiere for Rio wearing this purple Gucci dress and matching purple heels.
I hate to say it, but does anyone else think the dress is horrible? I think it's the fringing that bothers me, I'm not sure. 
And while I'm not opposed to a set of nerdy frames but I don't think they work well with the dress. 
And I'm not really sure about her hair.
But then again, I'm not stylist!

Don't worry though Dolls, it's not all bad - check out the gorgeous Malika shoes!

On another note, I'm dying to see Rio. I'm a big animation movie fan and it looks so adorable! You can check out the trailer here on You Tube.

The Mumma In Heels.Xo


  1. I agree with you, not very good choices except for the high heels, they were awesome. Xoxo

    Rocio R.


  2. OK I love the dress and shoes but the hair and glasses just don't compliment the look at all!

  3. I am loving the dress.

    Love the glasses - but not at a premiere!
    Maybe, a brunch trip with the ladies.

    But the shoes and the hair, both wrong.
    An upstyle is perfect for the dress, but her hair does not even look done.

    The bag is all kinds of wrong too.


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