Friday, 6 May 2011

Budget Beauty: Rimmel London Fix & Perfect

Now, hopefully due to my scheduled posts, no one has noticed that I've been MIA lately. I was without Internet, then without a computer and then without Internet again - all while trying to keep up with the growing pile of assignments I have due. But never fear, Mumma has returned. And until I return to Brisbane, I've got my trusty iPad2 to blog on.

Now that I'm a proud owner of an iPad (as well as an Angry Birds and Epic Win addict), I'm on a serious budget. I have textbooks to buy, a very hungry Pacman to feed and Winter clothes to shop for. So expect a short break on the OPI and Benefit posts and sit back and enjoy a new series of Budget Beauty posts, starting with Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer

The iPad is many things, a quality camera it is not

This little baby is available at Priceline for $13.95 for 30ml of product.
Warning - unlike most primers (that I've used) it isn't white, it's orange. Don't be scared off, but if you have beautiful ivory skin, I'd apply a much smaller amount. The good news is after applying foundation, you can't detect any of the orangeness and it leaves your skin with a nice 'glow'.

The tube says it minimizes pores and it's not lying. I have hideously huge pores on my nose (thanks for that Mum) and usually apply Clinique Pore Minimizer prior to my foundation. While the primer doesn't cover them as good as the Clinique, at less than 15 dollars, I can't complain.

As far as making your makeup last, it does a good job. My makeup looks fresh and lasts for about 6 hours with this primer. Not as good a result as you would get with Smashbox or Napoleon Perdis, but once again, for the price, 6 hours is brilliant.

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If this post is slightly messy or a bit all over the place, I apologise. Still trying to work my way around BlogPress (is there a better way to blog on the iPad?)

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummas out there,
The Mumma In Heels

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