Friday, 6 May 2011

Guest Post: Alexandra Kerr of Elke Writes

When I saw that the lovely author of 'Mumma in Heels' was taking a holiday and needed a guest blogger, I jumped at the chance! I didn't even have to think long and hard about what I would write, I've had my thoughts brewing in my mind since I read her blog post Five Ways to Make a Young Mum Feel Inadequate". I was upset that some people had opened their mouth to openly judge a person they had never met nor even spoken to. But I was not shocked. I have come across obstacles because of my "age" or even the fact I look young. Let me explain.

At 19, I was promoted to Manager of a retail store. I was one of the youngest in the company, but it was my hard work, commitment and (great) sales that helped me progress so quickly. I was flying on cloud nine. Until certain people felt it necessary to comment. I remember one day in particular. I was explaining to a customer that unfortunately her worn (smelly) top without a receipt and without tags could not be refunded. I, simply, was following the company's policy. She turned around and said, "Is this a joke? You don't look old enough to run a clothing store. It's people like you that make retail a joke." I could NOT believe it! I was shocked! Not only had I been completely professional and helpful, but my age had NOTHING to do with the outcome of her refund. Nor how I ran my store. I remember for a split second, I doubted myself. But then I thought "heck no!", this customer has no idea who I am or how hard I work. Plus, secretly I thought, I could be 49 and just look really, really young. Am I right?

But on a serious note, it is unfortunate that people believe age is what makes or breaks a person. Age to me is nothing but a number. It is the person on the inside that counts. The person who chooses to get up every morning and lovingly raise her little Pacman, or the person who at 19 who had one goal in sight and that was to work hard and move as far along in the company that she could.

My partner of three and a half years is 4 years older than me. To him or I, this was no issue. But certain people found it necessary to point it out. Mentioning things like, "When we (particular person and Shaun) were your age...blah blah..." MY AGE? I'm only four years younger.

So lets all make an effort to remember that age is nothing but a number and that is really is the person on the inside that counts.

And Melinda for the record, you are doing an amazing job raising your son (and baby in the belly) and I wish you nothing but happiness!

*Please note: This topic goes for any aged person as well, we are all capable of anything. Also, I tell you what is ironic, I'm 23 and at uni they consider me a "mature aged student". I'm now considered old?? What??

Alexandra Kerr is the author of ‘Elke Writes’ (, she is 23, stepping into the PR world and owns four cats.


  1. I know exactly how you feel about the comments on the age difference between you and your partner. There is 10 years between my partner and me and while he is Gen x and I am Gen Y we get along amazingly well. We have both had to deal with some raised eyebrows and negative comments about our age difference but we ignore it because we know how we feel about each other and thats all that matters. :-)

  2. So glad for your feedback. It's so silly that people think age is what makes or breaks something, when it has usually nothing to do with it.
    Have a great weekend! Enjoy your gen x partner!


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