Monday, 2 May 2011

iPads, Heels and Benefit Products

So tell me, whose idea was it to go on a spending ban? Oh right, that would be a genius Mumma idea (insert sarcasm here).
Ever since I've been not allowed to spend, I've been hit with bills (phone, visa, gas, electricity), plane tickets and other not very fun purchases - to be honest, I've hardly saved anything.

But the point of the spending ban wasn't just about saving, it was about proving to myself that I could go that time without spending and then reward myself afterwards. And here are the three things I'm eyeing off to buy the moment I can spend again -

Ipad - prices start at $576 from Jb Hi-Fi
The iPad was, afterall, the whole reason for starting my spending ban!

I need these shoes in my life.
Collared Peep Toe Ankle Boots - now $104.50 (down from $209) from KeilanaSkye 

Benefit Realness of Concealness - $59 from Adore Beauty
A tiny kit of Benefits wonder products - perfect for my handbag (and while I'm taking about Benefit, you need to try Benefit Lemon-aid and Benefit High Beam)

Not to mention a huge Addicted To Lip Balm haul - I can hear more EOS Sphere Balms calling my name! (if you missed meeting the lip balm love of my life, you can read up here)

What are you lusting over lately?
The Mumma In Heels.Xo


  1. I am considering whether or not I want an iPad...they are so pretty, but not sure if I need it. The Benefit pack looks great, I want to try out their concealers!

    How long till the spending ban is up?
    xx emmabovary

  2. Those boots are cute
    But I couldn't buy them, it would almost feel like wearing knock off Loubitans.

    I had a $360 bill from 5 years ago pop up on my loan application
    So my spending ban isn't over yet

    But I feel that I've had more bills come through in the past month usual!


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