Tuesday, 10 May 2011

It's a 10 Carat Diamond For Rachel Zoe

Seven weeks ago, Rachel Zoe and her husband welcomed baby Skyler to the world (don't let the name confuse you, he is a baby boy).
As if baby Skyler wasn't a gift on his own, the new mum was gifted with a 10 carat diamond ring as a 'push present' from her husband. This whopping diamond ring is valued at around $300 000.

Now call me old fashioned, but to me, the gift at the end of pushing is your new bundle of joy. Although after Pacman was born, the midwives also bought me coffee and a toasted sandwich - but that's not quite the same as a diamond ring is it?

Perhaps I missed out on a great excuse for Mister to buy me a new gift, and if that's the case let me be clear that I'm putting a holiday to Hawaii and a pair of Louboutin boots (see here) on my 'push present' wish list. But if I don't get a new pair of shoes or my dream holiday, I'll be just as thrilled with cuddling up to my new baby and eating another toasted sandwich.

Did you or someone you know get a push present? And if so, what was it?

Happy Tuesday Dolls (and sorry for the lack of posting lately)
The Mumma In Heels.Xo

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  1. That is one HUGE diamond! Too big for my tastes, but WHOAA

  2. That's major!! I know a lot of ladies that have received 'push presents' and some were outrageously ridic and at their request too! Not ok! But I bought my bestie a little bit of Tiffany for her the day her bub was born. :)

    B xx

  3. wow that is a huge diamond. Ive had 3 and i havent got anything like that just the beautiful moments i got once i had a baby in my arms :)

  4. Friend of mine got a Fendi bag for #1
    Pair of Manolos for #2 and a Bvlgari necklace for the third.
    We joke that she will get her own island if she goes in for #4.

  5. Gorgeous ring, over the top - yes, but it's Rachel Zoe - of course it will be OTT!

    I like the idea of a push present.. although it shouldn't be just focused on luxury material things..

    Time to start dropping some hints MIH! xx

  6. Hubby bought me a silver bracelet after I had bub. It wasn't something we'd discussed or I'd expected, but he was so thrilled after the birth of our little one that he wanted to get me something to celebrate.

  7. Wow I totally missed the boat I think. I've 'pushed' four babies and not one push present to show for it!!

    Well aside from the babies themselves, who are of course gift enough.

    Still, do you think I can hit up hubs for a car or something?

  8. I think a 'push present' is nice if it's a sweet gesture from hubby/mum/sister, a memento to say they shared the day/event with you, but that ring is massive. I suppose if my man had the money he might do something like that for me,too. We'll see;)

    I've never heard of a 'push present', to be honest. It seems like a cute gesture.

  10. When my daughter was born I got my eternity ring and a few months later for Christmas I got my Miss L ring!!!

  11. Hi Running In Heels - thanks so much for your comment :)
    Just to let you know that this blog has moved to - MummaInHeels.com - hope you can visit me there sometime!



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